sex services

Here’s What You Should Know About the Legality of Sex Services in Victoria

A peek into history In 1992, prostitution was decriminalised in Australia after the passing of the Prostitution Act 1992. Escort agencies and brothels are legal, provided they along with all workers must be registered through the Office of Regulatory Services. However, legislation regarding prostitution in Australia differs from state to state. Are you looking for the best Melbourne brothels? Let’s …

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Asian brothel in Melbourne

Here’s What You Should Know Before Visiting an Asian Brothel

Are you searching for an Asian brothel in Melbourne? You might come across many agencies and service providers in the city, especially after Victoria passed the Sex Work Decriminalisation Act 2022. Asian sex workers are known to provide the most gratifying experience—be it a relaxing massage or a sexual act. They are sensual and seductive, inviting you for a pleasurable …

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